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Incorporating Air Terminal Devices Into Architectural Design

We work closely with architects and designers to make sure that air terminal devices complement the overall design of any building.

Well-engineered grilles and diffusers which offer exceptional whole life performance, are at the heart of good ventilation. Our in-house technical team has decades of experience in developing and testing a wide range of air grille and diffuser designs to meet a variety of air flow needs.

On each project where we work closely with architects, we discuss what they want to achieve in design. By using our knowledge gained from research and testing, we help choose the right air terminal devices, positioned in the optimum location to deliver air where it is needed, without compromising the look.

This means we help to make grilles and diffusers a fundamental part of the building’s aesthetic, for the perfect fusion of engineering and design.

Eye Catching Or Hidden In Plain Sight? Air Terminal Devices That Meet Design & Performance

Through detailed design and rigorous testing, all Waterloo grilles and diffusers are carefully manufactured and thoroughly tested to make sure they bring together architectural design with top performance.

Using Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD), we digitally view the air patterns created by each air grille and diffuser we make before it is built or physically tested. This helps us to tweak the design to get the air flow right from an early stage of development.

All our designs can be customised with a range of finishes. This includes a wide palette of colours and graphic options for grilles and diffusers that catch the eye as part of an adventurous design or completely blend in plain sight to quietly become part of the look.

Collaboration In Architectural Design

Although our air terminal devices are usually one of the last products to be installed on a project, we know the importance of collaboration. It can make a real difference to ensure that air movement is an integral part of the architectural design from the beginning of the project.

We see time and again how valuable it is to be involved as soon as possible in a project. By having valuable conversations with architects early on in a project, it’s easier to make the right decisions. We can raise awareness of the smallest details that might affect the design, so that architects can anticipate the challenges at the planning stage.

This reduces project costs and minimises the chance of time delays further down the line.

For advice and guidance on how to select the right products for your current projects, please contact us

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