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To support architects with their vision for the building design, our grilles, diffusers and other air terminal devices are available in a wide variety of architectural finishes.

This offers architects real flexibility to choose colours, graphics and textures that best complement their designs, to enhance the appearance of any room.

Our air terminal devices are the perfect combination of form and function. Precision engineering of grilles and diffusers means we always meet the building’s air flow requirements. The addition of these stunning finishes gives architects freedom to integrate bold architectural vents into their building designs.

See below for examples from our range, including:

These are just a hint of our capabilities. If you need something more unusual, please contact us to find out more about bespoke finishes.

Powder Paint

RAL and BS Colours

RAL 9010 White

RAL 3020 Traffic red

RAL 5015 Sky blue

RAL 9005 Black


Ambre 2525 Sablé – Y2316F

Bleu 2700 Sablé – YW353F

Mars 2525 Sablé – YX355F

Rouge 2100 Sablé – YW371F


Wood Effects

Dark walnut wood

Light wood

Pine wood

Cherry wood

Design Effects


Silver poker

Tree camo

Marble Effects

Black marble


Light marble

For further information on our wide range of finishes, please contact us

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