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Our Commercial Projects



Monument has installed almost 3000 products making up over a kilometre of advanced air distribution products. Stood next to the iconic monument to the Great Fire of London, the Monument building has almost 3,000 air distribution products fitted throughout 94,000sqft of office space. More info

Linear Slot Diffusers
Plenum Boxes
Exhaust Valves

Aldwych Quarter


An extensive range of air distribution products for the multi-million refurbishment of Bush House features contemporary finishes and services within the constraints of the site’s Grade II listed building status. More info

CS Linear Slot Diffusers
DF Louvred Faced Diffusers

St Botolph’s


The St Boltolph building combines high specification with aesthetics. Many of the diffusers were custom built and featured a combination of sweeping 11, 12 and 13 metre curves replicating the many curvatures of the building’s design. More info

CSJ Linear Slot Diffusers
SDFS Fixed Blade Swirl

How Waterloo Can Help You With Your Commercial Project


Supporting Projects With Air Terminal Devices For HVAC Systems For Commercial Buildings

Waterloo Air Products PLC helps architects, specifiers and contractors bring commercial buildings to life with well-designed air flow products that look as good as they perform.

Commercial buildings are amongst the most forward-thinking construction projects of modern times. Just take a look at the London skyline, which continues to evolve thanks to the arrival of some of the world’s most original and exciting new buildings.

We’re asking you to look again at that skyline. Many of the impressive buildings on the horizon meet their air flow requirements using Waterloo air terminal devices.

We’re a specialist in HVAC systems for commercial buildings, and our extensive range offers lots of flexibility to support architects with the design, specification and construction of modern, dynamic buildings for a variety of installations.

A Collaborative Approach

On every project, we are committed to collaboration with partners from architects and specifiers, to contractors and building engineers. That collaborative approach means we can advise not only on the technical aspects of air ventilation systems but also how to integrate grilles and diffusers into the overall design of the rooms.

Our team comprises experts in engineering, design, customer service and project management to support customers throughout the life of the project. You can find out more about the key contacts at Waterloo on our people page.

Choosing The Right Commercial HVAC Systems

We work with architects and specifiers to make sure the right air terminal devices are selected to meet the specific needs of every room.

A choice of standard and bespoke products means architects and specifiers have the flexibility to find the perfect mix of air grilles and diffusers to suit the project. We offer full technical support to make sure air flow becomes an integral part of the architectural design.

All products can be specified with a range of fixing options and architectural finishes for a seamless installation that enhances the design of the room.

Call us now on 01622 711500 to find out more about how Waterloo can help with HVAC systems for commercial buildings.