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Our Culture Projects

Library of Birmingham


An extensive range of air terminal products contribute to Library of Birmingham’s energy savings. More info

Passive Chilled Beams
WVSV Attenuated VAV & CAV Dampers
SDFS-LCT Rear Mounted Diffusers
Acoustic Door Transfer Grilles

Everyman Theatre


Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre is using advanced air distribution system designed as part of a £28 million re-build which earned it the highly esteemed RIBA Stirling Prize 2014. More info

Airline Linear Grilles

How Waterloo Can Help You With Your Culture Project


Good design is at the heart of buildings used for arts and culture. Waterloo Air Products PLC helps architects, specifiers and contractors to deliver good air movement while enhancing the aesthetics of the building.

Cultural destinations are one of the bedrocks of Britain’s tourism industry. To attract high levels of visitors, new locations and refurbishments of existing venues are emphasising bold aesthetic designs to underline the creativity going on inside.

Whatever the destination, there’s a need for reliable air movement to provide comfort for visitors. Buildings such as libraries and museums also need to maintain the right balance of humidity and temperature to protect priceless books, artefacts and other exhibits.

Waterloo has supplied air terminal devices to some of the UK’s most ground-breaking cultural venues. We work to support the visions of architects with products that are seamlessly integrated into the building design, and to help contractors deliver buildings that add value to places of culture.

Supporting Architects With HVAC Systems For Culture

Any venue where large crowds gather needs a well-designed air movement system. Our collaborative approach means we advise and support architects and specifiers from the very beginning of a project to determine the best approach.

That way, any specific functionality can be incorporated into designs, such as sterile environments for archiving of museum exhibits. At the same time, air grilles and diffusers can be specified that complement the overall aesthetic design of the building for stunning results. You can read about some of the cultural projects we’ve worked on below.

Our involvement continues through the entire construction and installation phases, to make sure that air flows as intended throughout all rooms in the building.

Choosing The Right HVAC Systems For Culture

Architects and specifiers can choose from our extensive standard range of air grilles and diffusers – or we will create bespoke products to meet the specific vision of the project. Once all air terminal devices have been selected, customers can further customise the HVAC systems for culture with colours, graphics and textures. Visit our architectural finishes gallery to see some of the options available.