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Our Hotel Projects

Hotel Verta


Hotel Verta’s design, inspired by the Halcyon days of aviation, combines elegance with modernity. More info

Linear Slot Diffuser Straight and Curved
Swirl Diffusers
Louvre Faced Diffusers

Park Inn Hotel


The nine story Park Inn Hotel has two floors below the ground floor and six above which feature 252 guest rooms, conference and meeting facilities, gym, restaurants and bar. More info

Louvre Faced Diffusers
Fixed Blade Grilles
Airline Linear Grilles
Barrel Slot Diffusers

How Waterloo Can Help You With Your Hotel Project


Dedicated Ventilation Design For Hotels

Waterloo Air Products PLC is a specialist in the supply of air movement products that deliver effective ventilation design for hotels.

A great hotel is all about comfort and getting it right starts from the very beginning. Every choice from the design and planning stage will have a big impact on the overall success of the project.

The air system is one of the key ways of making sure that guests have a comfortable stay. Good ventilation design for hotels means having an effective, unobtrusive way of delivering air wherever it’s needed.

It’s about getting every detail right, so that air blows in exactly the right direction and speed to create a healthy airflow, without being noticed.

In a space such as a hotel where thousands of different people will stay every month, it’s also vital that the ventilation design for hotels takes into account how air is drawn out of every room, to keep air clean for guests’ well-being.

Supporting Architects With Ventilation Design For Hotels

When an architect has created a luxurious hotel room design, nothing should spoil it. When the guest comes in, they want to put their feet up and relax. Airflow can have a surprisingly big impact on this. If the air volume is set too high, the velocity may cause the curtains to rustle, a small detail that punctures the perfection of the moment.

Good ventilation design for hotels means anticipating these challenges. Waterloo works with architects to find the best option for every air terminal device, and the right style of grille or diffuser to suit the room’s needs.

The Right Grilles And Diffusers To Achieve Ventilation Design For Hotels

Waterloo’s comprehensive range gives architects real flexibility in integrating air terminal products into their overall vision for the hotel.

Grilles and diffusers can be discreetly placed so that hotel guests will not notice them – or they can be made into a design feature of the room through a variety of colour and graphic options.

The Waterloo paint shop is set up to match the bold ideas of architects and designers. Our finishes page shows some of the incredible possibilities that can be achieved with grilles and diffusers.

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