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Our Leisure Projects

Emirates Arena


The Emirates Arena opened in 2012 to host a number of sporting events for the Commonwealth Games, the arena is located on a 10.5-hectare site in the East End of Glasgow. More info

Variable Air Volume Dampers
Heavy Duty Floor Grilles

The Pods


The stunning £21m eco-friendly leisure centre, known as ‘The Pods’ replaces a 1980s facility and is part of a major regeneration project for Scunthorpe. More info

Aircell Polymer Grilles
Louvre Faced Diffusers

How Waterloo Can Help You With Your Leisure Project


Supporting Architects With HVAC Systems For Sport And Leisure

Waterloo Air Products plc is a specialist in designing, manufacturing and supplying air movement products to sports arenas, swimming pools and other sport and leisure facilities.

Whether people are participating in sports or happy just to be spectating, the sport and leisure industry requires comfortable spaces where they can come to enjoy themselves.

From the largest sporting arenas to the local gym or swimming pool, getting the air flow right is a complex task. Whatever the activity, good air is what keeps athletes fast, focussed and strong. HVAC systems for sport and leisure also need to suit the building’s occupancy and usage demands.

This shouldn’t come at the expense of bold, eye-catching architectural design. At Waterloo, we have extensive experience of working with architects, specifiers and contractors to devise suitable HVAC systems for sport and leisure that enhance the look of any venue or arena while still meeting its specific air flow requirements.

Working With You From Start To Finish

Our approach is to provide project management from the beginning of designing and planning the building. That means we can make sure that the right air terminal devices are chosen to meet the functional requirements, but that these become part of the aesthetic design of the building, too.

Our extensive range of grilles and diffusers gives architects real flexibility to integrate HVAC systems for sport and leisure into their designs. Air terminal devices can be subtly incorporated into the aesthetic of a room so they’re practically invisible, or can be enhanced with colours, graphics and other architectural finishes when the architect wants to make a statement.

Choosing The Right HVAC Systems For Sport And Leisure

In sport and leisure environments, function is critical, so we offer a range of specialist HVAC systems for sport and leisure that match the specific needs of the building. These include variable air volume (VAV) systems for spaces that aren’t always in use, or polymer grilles and diffusers for rooms such as swimming pools where there is high humidity.