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Our Medical & Security Projects

University College Hospitals


As one of the largest trusts in the NHS, UCLH comprises seven hospital sites. As such, efficient ventilation and air distribution is a key requirement of the design. More info

Linear Slot Diffusers
Laminar Flow Panels
Linear Bar Grilles
Eggcrate Grilles
Exhaust Valves
Standard and Penthouse Louvres

Salford Royal Hospital


Salford’s pain centre is one of the country’s leading clinics for the management of all forms of pain and is a nationally acclaimed centre for excellence in the delivery of interdisciplinary Pain Management Programmers (PMPs). More info

Active Chilled Beams

Prisons and Detention


Cells require adequate ventilation and a regular air change, but the grilles need to be secure and safe, particularly against the threat of ligatures. More info

Security Grilles

How Waterloo Can Help You With Your Medical & Security Project


For buildings where there are specific health or security requirements, Waterloo Air Products PLC has an extensive track record in designing, manufacturing and supplying specialist air terminal devices that not only perform well, but enhance the aesthetic visions of architects.

The air flow needs of any building are determined by how it is used. For facilities used for medical, healthcare and security, this is particularly important to get right for the protection of staff and occupants.

From patient safety and minimising the spread of germs, through to the requirements of secure environments, there are many factors that architects, specifiers and contractors must meet to make sure the building is fit for purpose.

At the same time, to support recovery and rehabilitation, the design of medical and security buildings should inspire good physical and mental well-being so choosing the right air terminal devices can make a difference.

Waterloo is a specialist in the design, manufacture and delivery of air terminal devices and has extensive experience of supporting HVAC systems for medical facilities and secure units.

Supporting Architects With HVAC Systems For Medical And Security

Achieving good practice in HVAC systems for medical and security requires a collaborative working approach, we are committed to collaboration with architects, specifiers and contractors to find the best air terminal devices to suit the specific project.

We will work with all partners to supply products that enhance the performance – and the aesthetics – of the building. Grilles and diffusers can be seamlessly integrated into the design of individual wards or rooms to support the brief of architects and specifiers.

Choosing The Right HVAC Systems For Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities And Prisons

In addition to our extensive standard range of air grilles and diffusers, we are happy to design bespoke products for customers.

We work with architects to deliver HVAC systems for medical facilities that maintain good air flow to help practitioners stay alert, keep patients comfortable and direct germs and particles away safely. Our specialist products include the Aircell polymer range, ideal for clinical environments.

As with any other building, detention facilities – prisons, courts, police stations, detention centres and secure units – must be well ventilated. At the same time, grilles need to be safe, so we offer specialist security grilles, developed in close collaboration with the prison service.