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Fortnum & Mason


Occupying some 62,000 square feet, Fortnum and Mason’s historic building on one of London’s busiest roads had the comfort of its loyal customer base and new customers as a major consideration. More info

Linear Slot Diffuser

Bon Accord


Completed in two phases, the £6million make-over included new entrances and a stunning new interior providing Bon Accord’s shoppers with a fresh design. More info

Linear Slot Diffuser
Small Format Circular Diffusers
High Flow Jet Diffusers

How Waterloo Can Help You With Your Retail Project


Ventilation Design For Retail Developments

Waterloo Air Products PLC is a specialist in ventilation systems for retail developments, helping architects to keep air flowing through individual stores and shopping centres.

Today’s retail developments have transformed the experience of shopping in-store, to provide a destination that delivers something people can’t get online. From major department stores to up-and-coming boutiques, the surroundings are as important as the products on the shelves, with an emphasis on style and luxury.

Shopping centres, meanwhile, have become important social hubs offering a range of leisure and dining options alongside enough shops to keep consumers busy all day.

For architects creating these complex buildings, getting the air flow right is critical. Retail developments contain a variety of open spaces – such as food courts – and large numbers of people coming and going. The ventilation design needs to keep air moving effectively for the comfort of shoppers in a way that keeps energy costs to a minimum.

The right ventilation design for retail developments also supports the aesthetic vision of architects, becoming an integral part of the shopping centre’s look and feel.

Waterloo is a specialist in ventilation design for retail developments and works with architects to create air movement systems that deliver the right balance of style and comfort.

Supporting Architects With Ventilation Design For Retail Developments

The volumes of people moving in and out of a shop places specific demands on air flow. Waterloo has the engineering expertise to deliver air terminal devices that meet these challenges.

We work with architects so that the ventilation design for retail developments looks good and performs effectively, supporting the store or centre’s branding for a seamless combination of form and function.

For refurbishment projects, Waterloo works closely with the project team to minimise disruption for a streamlined installation.

The Right Ventilation Design For Retail Developments

Waterloo’s comprehensive range of grilles and diffusers gives architects plenty of choice in selecting the best air terminal devices for the project’s ventilation needs.

This is backed by bespoke designs for more unusual requirements and a stunning range of colours available from our in-house paint shop. See our finishes page for inspiration and ideas when it comes to choosing the right style of architectural finishes for grilles and diffusers.